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Due to the aggressive weather that Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas have been experiencing. We are working diligently to get everyone taken care of.


Because of the elevated number of calls and appointments we are recieving we will not be able to gaurantee a 1 hour arrival.


We also can not offer free inspections at this time. Below there will be instructions on how to secure a spot for our team to come out to your home and start the drying process. We appologize for any inconvienience this may pose.

By reserving an appointment with one of our Certified crews you will have garaunteed service within 24-48 hours. We will call you within two hours of reserving your appointment. We will give you an estimated arrival time. 


The cost to reserve your appointmnet is $250. That $250 will be credited towards your total bill if you choose to use Executive Pro-Dry to mitigate you home. Due to the fact that insurance companies do not cover flooding from rainfall the bill will need to be collected in full at the start of the job. 

"It's Not Dry...Until It's Pro Dry"

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