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Water in your Home?

Water can get into your home in various ways.​


  • Pipes freezing & bursting

  • Rainfall coming in through vulnerable points of the home

  • Sewage backup

  • Toilet overflow


All of these areas can cause significant damage to a home. We are here to guide you through the entire process. We are equipped to handle any issue you may be experiencing.  

Why use a certified technician?


Professional restoration technicians understand the need for quick response. Immediate remediation is key to controlling any escalating costs. The longer the remediation is delayed, the higher the cost of restoration. Certified restorers have the knowledge to test materials and apply the restoration techniques required to return the items to their pre-loss condition. Look for the IICRC logo to verify IICRC certification.

Should you file an insurance claim?

EPD works closely with all insurance providers. If you have coverage for the event that has happened at your home, we can handle the claim directly with the insurance provider. Taking this route you do not have to be the middle man playing messenger. 

What are the benefits of filing a claim?

If you have coverage the out of pocket amount to get your home back to the original condition would be just your deductible. That deductible would take care of mitigating your home, also, the rebuild of your home. Instead of having to pay for everything on your own, let your insurance take care of it.

Think you have Mold?

Mold is a scary word. It is also a word that gets thrown around a lot. Used out of context and also used as a scare tactic by other companies. We have certified technicians ready to help you. Mold can be dangerous, however the internet is full of opinions and theories. Our technicians and our team of Indoor Enviromental Professionals will take the necassary steps to ensure the safety of you and your family.  

"It's Not Dry...Until It's Pro Dry"

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